Matt Mort's Bucket List

  1.  Enter a Mario Kart tournament

  2.  Break a world record

  3. Learn 2 new languages

  4. Have a speaking role in a feature length movie

  5. Have the news report on me

  6. Sell my own merch

  7. Land a Kickflip

  8. Land a Backflip

  9. Land a Frontflip

  10. Be a drummer in a band

  11. Eat Royally at McDonalds

  12. Be on the Ellen Show

  13. Play a game on the Ellen Show

  14. Live off the grid for a month

  15. Create a good flash mob

  16. Hike a mountain to the peak

  17. Visit every continent

  18. Ride in a hot air balloon

  19. Road trip across Canada

  20. Road trip across the United States

  21. Surf

  22. Be in a television show

  23. Be in a feature length movie

  24. Watch a volcano erupt

  25. Be a Game Show contestant

  26. Help Matt Bray cross an item off his Bucket List

  27. Walk 8 miles with Connor Mead

  28. Throw a concert/festival

  29. Walk across the Abbey Road crosswalk

  30. Be on TV

  31. Get a life lesson talk from Mr.Feeny

  32. Get my drivers license

  33. Get my photo on the Jones Soda Label

  34. Attempt Stand Up Comedy

  35. Be a trending topic on twitter

  36. Have a New Years kiss

  37. Build a real, warm igloo

  38. Solve a 3x3x3 rubik's cube

  39. Solve a Megaminx

  40. Skydive

  41. Jump in a foam pit

  42. See the Hollywood "Walk of Fame" stars

  43. Tour Google HQ

  44. Tour YouTube HQ

  45. Be in a commercial

  46. Go to a YouTube Gathering

  47. Win a video contest

  48. Collab with 10 different YouTubers

  49. Collab with over 100 different YouTubers

  50. ​Roll in a zorb

  51. Make a feature film

  52. Buy a plane ticket for the next available flight

  53. Be in or make an OKGO music video

  54. Visit a location from a movie or TV show I love

  55. Make my first $100 from YouTube

  56. Do every job that goes into making a feature film at least once

  57. Crash a wedding

  58. Play video games in a movie theatre

  59. Meet someone with the exact name as me

  60. Reach 100,000 views on 2 of my videos

  61. Reach 1 million views on a video

  62. Be featured in a magazine

  63. Be in a studio audience for a TV show

  64. Be on a Japanese Game Show

  65. Learn to juggle

  66. Attempt to go vegan for a month

  67. Learn a full song on guitar (not the cheat chords)

  68. Help someone cross an item off their Bucket List

  69. Receiver a fan letter

  70. Be an extra in a movie

  71. Be able to put eye contacts in easily

  72. Be able to swallow pills

  73. Start a food fight

  74. Go curling

  75. Shake a monkey's hand

  76. Meet Steve Chen, Jawed Karim & Chad Hurley

  77. Have a bobble head of myself

  78. Be a contestant on Wipeout

  79. Go to the Olympics

  80. Reach 10,000 subscribers

  81. Reach 100,000 subscribers

  82. Reach 1 million subscribers

  83. Get nominated for an award

  84. Run my own company

  85. Get noticed

  86. Learn all the words to Daft Punk's "Technologic"

  87. Be someone's favourite YouTuber

  88. See a Sufjan Stevens concert

  89. Throw a surprise birthday party

  90. Watch every movie in the "1001 movies to see before you die" book

  91. Walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty

  92. Make a dancing in the Apple Store video

  93. Break open an egg with one hand

  94. Experience zero gravity

  95. Cook a proper meal for people I love

  96. Star in a Music Video

  97. Have no debt

  98. Record a music album that I'm proud of

  99. Cut the ribbon at a major opening

  100. Get something named after me

  101. Pay off my mom's mortgage

  102. Open the six-o'clock news

  103. Give someone an Ellen or Oprah-sized surprise/gift

  104. Get interviewed on a Radio Station

  105. Win a limbo competition

  106. Rip a phonebook in half

  107. Pull a Groundhog Day prank on someone

  108. Reunite long lost friends

  109. Be the link that introduces 2 people who eventually get married

  110. Go on a road trip of new experiences with my childhood friends

  111. Win a gaming tournament

  112. Give my mom enough money to retire

  113. Cut the ribbon at a grand opening

  114. Hold a conversation in a different language