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A local YouTuber is making his mark on the vlogging community while bringing attention to the seemingly small, everyday things that make life great.

Matt Mort, a 21-year-old Calgarian and The Art Institute of Vancouver graduate, is using his talent and charisma to make vlogging a full-time career.

Mort first began filming himself in 2006 with him mom’s old tape camera, often using it to capture moments spent sledding with his brother or going on adventures around the neighbourhood.

“[Filming] just seems natural to me,” explains Mort. “I’ve been doing it for a while, and vlogging feels more personable [than other forms of storytelling]. I have more control over it—like I’m a narrator.”

“Vlogs create a deeper connection between the vlogger and his or her audience. It creates a direct insight into a person’s life by giving a different perspective, which helps you connect or relate to someone in a special way.”....... READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE

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