PerspectivesYYC Podcast: "Live Creatively with Matt Mort"

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Season 3 episode 2

Today we sit down with Matthew Mort. The happiest man alive. If you don’t know him yet, you will. Because Matt Mort is everywhere. Except here. Unfortunately, Matt moved to Vancouver right after recording this, dammit. Why did he leave us? For happiness and positivity of course.

Before he left we got a chance to quickly muse about all things Matt and while a short 40ish minute interview could never encapsulate his energy, I hope this gets you a glimpse of why people chant his name.

Check out Matt’s latest project in collaboration with Brad Lancaster @discoverconnection - their project to promote a life full of connection. Check them out on facebook or youtube!

Today’s soundtrack was provided by Handmade. A local band and extension of all that is Matt Mort, Handmade is available on Spotify, facebook, instagram, and the internet in general.

Perspectives YYC is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB. The APN is the brainchild of Karen Unland who’s only purpose in life, it seems, is to support and grow local podcasts. Podcasts like Girl Tries Life - a series by Victoria Smith who runs a website by the same name. She was one of the first APN members to reach out to me after we discovered we had shared a guest, personal stylist Sarah Schmidt! If you’re looking for an Albertan woman who decided to say Heck Yes to life - who wants to show you how she’s built a life around doing instead of saying you will - check out her work at and all the other amazing podcast awesomeness at

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